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Many home inspectors are quick to find electric panels with mis matched, discontinued, double tapped. We're happy to evaluate your system and give you the options available for the repairs

All electric problems are cause from a bad connection somewhere. Both the above pictures were caused by bad connections. We know what to look for when hunting down the weak link. 

Discontinued panels 

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Aluminum wiring

Quality Contractor services has added aluminum wire remediation to it's list of specialty electrical work because of the stigma created from Home Inspectors and almost any search on the subject. Although aluminum wire can be a major issue in fact it rarely is. The above picture does and should scare a potential home owner. But there is much more to this picture. I took it at an apartment complex. The owners had taken a general purpose outlet and plugged in a large window air conditioner. This problem is rare and would of occurred with copper wire also as the entire circuit was overloaded. In 40 years I've never run across a problem like this in a home. Occasionally I have run across failures usually associated with the recommended crimping or wire nut connections when adding a copper wire on the end as recommended in the industry often. It's been my experience after inspection that the original installation was correct and more problems are created by the fixes then by leaving it alone. There are added protections to available these days to protect the home owner. Namely ark fault breakers. These new breakers sense arks in the conductors and trip at the slightest fault. Providing the necessary protection with out the expense of a total rewire potentially saving thousands of dollars as well as many real estate transactions.

Illegal junction boxes and wiring

There aren't many homes or business without a few open junction boxes and exposed unprotected wires. We can make the needed repairs and make your new home owners comfortable and confident

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Our construction experience comes in handy on new installs. Our special toners and wire tracers let us know where the wires are running as well as framing that might interefer with new fan, recess can or light installations. Adding a jaccuzi tub, welder, pool or solar? Advice as well as

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Exposed wiring and junction boxes

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Residential and commercial Repairs and New wiring

Our family background in Construction and Real Estate as well as Electrical gives us the advantage when it comes to maintenance and repairs. We know the most reasonable solutions to the most complicated questions.