We excel at service section repairs, expansion and upgrades. Our 5 acre bone yard with hundreds of obsolete panels and service sections provides us with many hard to find parts unavailable to most contractors. We often have the parts to repair a problem or vandalism at a fraction of the price of an upgrade. It's always our goal to give the customer the best fix for their issues at the best price. Give us a call for advice or a free estimate.

    Every job takes a permit usually from a

different city or county. The same is true of scheduling with the power companies. When we go for a permit we are getting five or six at once. We talk to the utility companies daily with project managers for the preliminary site visit, scheduling and  job inspection. What it boils down to is stream lining and saving time and money for our clients.

Commercial expansion

From breaker replacement, bus repairs to a total upgrade we offer the best pricing. With over a hundred obsolete multi packs we often have the exact brand and part number to make repairs on your panel at a fraction of the cost of a new panel.

As always our upgrade prices are also very competitive. Our experience and specialized tools help us get the job done in half the time of our competitors. 

We are independent electrical contractors doing commercial electrical work. Electricspecialist electric panel repair, electric specialist electric panel upgrade

As independent electrical contractors we also do pedestal and utility pole mounted services for mobile homes, wells and other industrial projects and are proud to be preferred contractor for Salt River Project. From replacing a breaker to rewiring an entire mobile home park we won't be under bid. We look forward to giving you an estimate on your next project.

 The electric panel is the most important and complicated system in your home. Codes advance every year adding saftey to your system. But even more important are the past codes. We have been doing panel changes for over forty years. Long before most current electricians were born. Many things aren't taught these days that were common place in the past and most of todays electricians aren't even aware of such as aluminum wiring, two wire systems, sharing of the nuetral wire, discontinued breakers and breakers that have lost there UL listing because of failure. You know as much about these items as most of todays electricians and this is not good. Improper installation of any of these items can create fire hazzards or dangerous conditions for the rest of your electrical appliances.

  Most electric companies rarely do panel changes one or two a year. IT'S ALL WE DO. Over 300 last year alone. Some would think that would make us more expensive but it's quite the opposite. Becuase we are independent electrical contractors buy in volume, have the proper tools and materials for any issue we might run into we do the job in half the time of our competition. 

​​Looking for independent electrical contractors you can trust? Look no further! We won't be under bid on panel changes by a licensed contractor for like for like work and haven't been for the past five years. Weather it's replacing an old fuse box, need to expand, damaged panel or a solar upgrade. We offer a wide variety of electric panels to fit your particular needs. But unlike other electricians you'll find a pricing guideline to give you a realistic idea of what your job will cost, even before calling for a quote

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Joe S.


I am a property manager and investor. My first meeting with Phil was an urgent situation. I had hired an electrician to change my house panel and it failed inspection. It was Sunday and I had been without power for four days and my previous electrician wasn't answering my calls. I found Phil on the internet and called him Sunday evening hoping to leave a message. Much to my surprise he answered the phone. I told Phil of my situation and sent him a picture and got a quote on the phone. When he got to my house he wasn't very impressed with the work completed. He could of simply changed the riser wires and finish the grounding for his money but instead removed the entire panel from the metal frame and removed the frame. He then applied stucco where the old panel was to smooth things out. I was more then pleased he took the time to re do everything the right way. I had total confidence in the work he did. I just wish I had the $2,200.00 I paid the first guy. I have used him on 7 homes now and feel good about the work and price I pay. I highly recommend him.

Brian M.


I am a solar contractor and ran across Phil's ad on the internet. His ad caught my eye quoting $1,300.00 for a 200 amp upgrade. Skeptical I gave him a call and had him bid an upcoming job. His price was $1,800.00. I was a bit put off at first until he explained the solar unit required a particular panel due to the high solar back feed and having to provide a new 2.5" steel riser. My current electrician and high school friend's price was two hundred higher without the correct panel and riser which he would have to charge more for. He agreed he couldn't do the job for what Phil quoted. Not only did he save my reputation by providing the correct equipment, he saved me $400.00 on that job and as much or more on several jobs he has done since then. All you have to do is call him to see he's heads above the competition with his knowledge.

​Steve D


I received one of Phil's flyers through my Real Estate office. I had a problem with a bar/resturaunt It had been closed down for close to a year and vandalized. All the other electricians I spoke with told me I'd need engineering to even see what would be required. An engineer wanted two thousand just for the drawings. Things were on hold so I called Phil and met him on site. He assessed the situation and gave me a price of eight thousand. That included the drawings which he did himself as well, as the permits, new service section, feeding panels and taxes. The only ball park figure I had received was twice as much. I refer him often and had nothing but good comments about them.

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​​​The Electric panel specialists

 My name is Phil Kroff (480-694-6531) Master electrician for over forty years and I’ll answer the phone if you call day or night with any questions you might have. I enjoy my job and helping others. Advice is always FREE

​​You'll Find our base prices listed for each type of panel change you might need. No games or scams. We’re not afraid to let you know our prices. In a few instances the price can be less. More complicated services being fed by several pipes will be more. We provide free consultations and bids for every job and all jobs include taxes and permits. There’s a reason other commercial independant electrical contractors services and licensed electricians don’t publish their average price. Many times their quotes are double ours. We are NEVER underbid by licensed, insured contractors.
Because we do more electrical panel installation service repair and replacement we are better trained, Our trucks are set up for service changes and our employees trained for them. Experience and buying power gives us the ability to buy for less and sell for less.  Call us for our electric  repair service.


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