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Why choose us?

#1. Money!  We offer a Lowest Cost Guarantee. We will beat any bid by $50.00 as long as it is given by a licensed contractor for the same work in writing or at our option give $50.00 towards another contractors price at completion of the project. The average base price for a 200 amp service change is $1,500.00. There it is in writing. No games or scams. We're not afraid to let you know. In a few instances the price can be less. More complicated services being fed by several pipes will be more. We provide free consultations and bids for every job and all jobs include taxes and permits. There's a reason my competition doesn't publish their average price. Many times their quotes are double ours. We are NEVER underbid by licensed, insured contractors.

#2. Because we do more electric panel service repair and replacement we are better trained, Our trucks are set up for service changes and our employees trained for them. Experience and buying power gives us the ability to buy for less and sell for less. We also have an enormous supply of discontinued parts for repairs.

#3. Our relationship with the power companies and building inspectors. My name is Phil Kroff (480-694-6531) and I'll answer the phone if you call day or night and I don't think there is a Designer or inspector with APS or SRP that I don't know and that doesn't know me. The same is true with city inspectors. This is what I've done for over twenty five years right here in Arizona.

Arizona Quality Electric is a full service Electric contractor

Call us today and your call will be answered by a live person, who can answer questions and schedule your appointment. We have over 25 years in Residential, Commercial and Industrial electric

We specialize in Electric panel upgrades, service and repair. We do more service changes in a week then ninety nine percent do in a year. Our coverage area includes Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Paradise valley, Queen Creek, and most of the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Service Changes are our Specialty
Every situation is different and there is much to take into account when considering a service change. Scheduling and having a good working relationship with the power company and code enforcement entity is crucial. Knowing the inspectors and service technicians and having a direct line to them is the only way to get things dome in a timely manor. 90 % of our service changes take place in one day, The other 10% are not crucial situations. Scheduling is everything. Call us for a free consultation. 

Dangerous and discontinued Panels

I would never try and make a sale by scaring a home owner but there are at least two panels manufactured by Zinsco and Federal Pacific that have lost there UL approval and proven to be dangerous. If you have one of these panels click on the manufacturer link and read the unbiased reports and decide for yourself.

A home with an electrical service upgrade is a safe home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in homes, while the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that problems with home electrical wiring cause approximately 40,000 fires annually and are the leading cause of accidental electrocutions. 

24 Hour Emergency service from 
Prompt, Professional craftsmen. 24/7. Call Phil today, he'll personally answer 480-694-6531 his mobile phone until ten in the evening most days. 

Because we do so many service changes and repairs we have the purchasing power to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you. We also have a large selection of re manufactured parts to repair out dated and discontinued panels.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial our projects have ranged from Apartment complexes, Strip Malls, Hospitals and Manufacturing Facilities
As well as Electrical repair on Homes and apartments. We are happy to joint venture Large contracts with the General Contractor